The all-embracing functionality of the d&b amplifiers can be accessed via the d&b Remote network, through either Ethernet or CAN-Bus, providing all the power to effectively control. All d&b amplifiers incorporate sophisticated Digital Signal Processing capabilities for comprehensive loudspeaker management, switchable filter functions, remote capabilities and user-definable controls. The d&b amplifiers are designed specifically to power d&b loudspeakers and are the beating heart of all d&b systems. The dual channel D6 and D12 offer 4-band parametric equalizers, along with 340 ms of signal delay, while the 10D, 30D, D20 and D80 provide two user-definable 16-band equalizers with parametric, notch, shelving and asymmetric filters and up to 10 seconds of delay, all of which can be applied to each of the amplifiers’ four channels. All d&b amplifiers feature analog and AES / EBU digital inputsfor each channel, not to mention System check, Input and Load monitoring, overvoltage protection, temperature and signal controlled cooling and switch mode power supplies. The 10D and 30D are dedicated to installation systems and as such, perfectly fulfil the needs of any permanent sound reinforcement requirement. Whether discreetly integrating inside a venue or operating in a rider driven performance space, these devices provide installation specific functionalities, including enhanced system status monitoring features and GPIOs for extended input routing capabilities. The 10D, 30D, D6, D20 and D80also incorporate active Power Factor Correction, which maintains a stable output when used with weak or unstable mains supplies. All in all, the amplifiers do more than drive d&b loudspeakers; they realize the full potential of the d&b system approach.

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