The tiniest E-Series loudspeaker is a tad taller than a postcard, while the biggest measures a mere 58 cm in height. Together, the E4, E5, E6, E8 and E12 / E12-D present a d&b product Series as varied as it is versatile. The cabinets, functionally formed, with robust, lightweight enclosures and bespoke hardware, can be deployed horizontally or vertically providing added flexibility. With their ultra compact design and finely scaled formats, along with remarkable output and performance levels, the E-Series ensemble provides the answer to a broad spectrum of production requirements. Quick and easy to handle, the Series offers elegant solutions for speech, music and distributed reinforcement and, without being modest, performs impressively as stand-alone, full range, flown or high stand, surround, delay and fill, even as stage monitors. Two dedicated and similarly compact subwoofers provide substantial bass extension for all E-Series loudspeakers. Alternatively, for ground stacked applications, the actively driven B4-SUB requires just a single amplifier channel to create a cardioid dispersion pattern, which avoids the transmission of energy towards the rear. Finally, to meet the specific needs of each and every application, the loudspeakers are available in custom colours and can be weather protected. In short: an earnest little Series.

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