Gear Sales

 We currently have the following ex rental equipment for sale:





d&b Y7p Point Source


d&b Y10p  Point Source

d&b E0


d&b E3


d&b E6


Fostex  6301 Self Powered Monitor


JBL Control 0ne




d&b  B6


d&b  E15




d&b E-Pac


d&b D12



Yamaha  LS9


Midas  Venice 160 8ch


Midas Venice 24016ch


Soundcraft  EPM6


Soundcraft  EPM8




Yamaha PW800 PSU


Radio Microphones


Shure UHF-R  Systems  H4, J5, L3, Q9


Shure ULXD  Systems  G51


Shure QLXD Systems G51 , K51


Sennheiser  EW500 G3 GB Range


Sennheiser  EW550 A Range


Sennheiser EW300  G3 In Ear Systems GB Range




DPA Systems


DPA D-Fine  Headworn Mic c/w Single & Double Headbands  Beige/ Black


DPA 4066 Headworn Mic Beige/Black


DPA 4088 Headworn Mic  Beige /Black


DPA 4061 Instrument Mic System


DPA d:vote 4099 Instrument Mic (low SPL)


DPA d:vote 4099 Instrument Mic ( High SPL )


DPA d:vote 4099 Full range of Instrument Mic Clips



Wired Microphones


AKG 411




AKG 419


AKG 451B


AKG C568


AKG VR62 Extension Tube c/w Base




AT 935 Dual Lectern Kit


Beyer M88-TG


Crown PCC160


Sennheiser  e509


Sennheiser e604  c/w drum clip


Sennheiser e906


Shure Beta 27


Shure Beta 52


Shure Bete 56a


Shure Beta 57a


Shure Beta  58a


Shure Beta 91


Shure Beta 98 c/w Drum Mounts or Horn Clamps


Shure MX412 Dual Lectern Mic Kit


Shure SH55 Vintage


Shure SM57


Shure SM58


Shure SM58 Switched


Shure SM81



Microphone Stands










Stereo  Bars


Side Clamps





BSS AR 133 Active DI


Radial J48 Active DI


Radial JPC Active PCDI




Audio Distribution


JK Audio Digital Hybrid Telephone Balancing Unit


Drawmer DA-6 Press Feed Unit



Playback / Record


Denon DN-635 CD Player


Marantz PMD 570 Solid State Recorder


Sony MDSE12 Mini-Disc Player



Radio Comms


Telex BTR 800 Dual Channel Base Station A2/C6


Telex TR 825 Dual Channel Belt Pack A2


Telex TR 800 Dual Channel Belt Pack C6


Telex BTR 700 Single Channel Base Station C6


Telex  TR700 Single Channel Beltpack   C6


Telex BTR  4 way charger


Licensing on request

Freespeak Full 12 way System



Wired Comms


RTS PS31 Base Station


RTS PS15 Base Station


RTS 325 Beltpack


RTS SSA 324 2-4 Wire Interface


RTS SAP – 612 Source Assignment Panel


RTS MCE325 User Station


RTS MCS-325 Speaker Station


RTS CIA1000 2 ch Beacon


Clearcom  MS400A 4 Ch Master Station


Clearcom MS232 2 Ch Master  Station


Clearcom RS501 Single Ch beltpack


HME DX200 2.4 GHz 4 Way System Complete



Beyer DT109 Double Muff


Beyer DT108 Single Muff


Telex PH88-Lightweight


Peltor MTH79A Ear Defending



Multicores , Looms, Socapex


48 way  Patchable Stagebox  System


100m 24 pair Dual Sex


75m 24 pair Dual Sex


10m 24 pair Monitor Fanout


05m 24 pair FOH Fanout


100m 16 pair Dual Sex


50m 16 pair Dual Sex


100m 8 pair Dual sex


10m 8 Pair Throw Box


50m 8 pair loom


25m 8 pair loom


50m 4 pair loom


25m 4 pair loom


Socapex  40m, 20m, 10m


MSoca – 4 NL4 Breakout


FSoca – 4 NL4 Breakout


MSoca – FEP5 Breakout


FSoca – MEP5 Breakout


Soca Split M>2 x F



Mains Power


APC Smart UPS 1500VA


63A  3 Phase  Distro – 3 x 63A Single  Phase


63A 3 Phase Distro  -  Rubber Box 32a/16a


32 A 3 Phase Distro


32A - 4 x 16 A


16A – 6 x 13A