Yamaha LS9-16

LS9/16 console

The Yamaha LS9-16 is a full-digital mixing console designed for installed systems or SR applications, and in spite of its compact size, provides functionality and a channel count comparable to large-format consoles. 24-bit linear AD/DA converters are used to deliver up to 108 dB of dynamic range and amazing sound quality.

As input channels, it provides 32 (LS9-16 model) or 64 (LS9-32 model) monaural INPUT channels, and four stereo ST IN channels. As output channels, it provides 16 MIX channels, eight MATRIX channels, a STEREO channel, and a MONO channel. L/C/R three-channel output using the STEREO/ MONO channels is also supported.

There are eight virtual racks, in which you can mount effects or graphic EQ and then patch them into the desired signal route. Graphic EQ can be mounted in racks 1–4, and effects or graphic EQ can be mounted in racks 5–8. You can simultaneously use up to four high-quality multi-effects, which include reverb, delay, multi-band compressor, and various modulation-type effects. These can be used via an internal bus, or inserted into a desired channel. For the graphic EQ you can select either 31-band graphic EQ or Flex 15 GEQ. These can be inserted into the desired channel or output. The Flex 15 GEQ allows you to adjust the gain for any fifteen of the thirty-one bands. Since two Flex 15 GEQ units can be mounted in a single virtual rack, a total of up to sixteen graphic EQ units can be used simultaneously.

The rear panel provides one slot (LS9-16) or two slots (LS9-32) in which separately sold mini-YGDAI cards can be installed. AD cards, DA cards, or digital I/O cards can be installed in these slots to add inputs and outputs port.