Clear-Com MS-232


 The MS-232 provides 30-Volt DC power to operate Clear-Com beltpacks and remote stations. This

power is distributed between the two channels, and will support up to 60 headset stations or 20 speaker

stations. Clear-Com's new fail-safe design automatically shuts down the power to a channel when a

short circuit or electronic overload is sensed on that channel. The other channel will continue to operate

normally. Once the fault condition is removed, the MS-232's fail-safe circuit will restore power,

even under full load conditions. LED indicators signal a short or overload on either channel.

The MS-232 will operate from any AC line voltage between 90 and 240 Volts AC at 50 or 60 Hz. The

MS-232 installs in a standard 19" equipment rack, using only one rack space. The unitized aluminum

chassis and extra-thick front panel with integral rack ears result in reduced size and a lighter weight

package that maintains legendary Clear-Com ruggedness. Three 3-pin XLR connectors are provided

for connection to each intercom channel.

The MS-232 is compatible with all Clear-Com Party-Line intercoms.