Clear-Com MS-400a


 The MS-400A is designed for applications Controls which affect the input and in which a person needs to communicate output at the station (mic, headsets, with up to four other people or groups speaker, and program) are located in a i of people, either individually or row along the upper right of the front simultaneously, while still maintaining panel. Controls that are recessed beisolation between each of the four hind the front panel are normally used channels. only during installation and set-up. The MS-400A is self-powered, and can On the rear panel, three XLR connectors also power up to 20 speaker stations or for each channel allows easy connection 100 headset stations. It is normally to the rest of the system. A program used as a main station (which provides (auxiliary) input on the rear panel system termination at a central loca- allows an external program to be monition), but may be used also as a remote tored at the station and/or sent onto station that provides extra power capa- one or more of the intercom channels. city. Its preamp gain is switchable for mic or line-level inputs. Access to the channels is controlled by the row of pushbutton and toggle swit- Special functions ISO and IFB may be set ches along the bottom right side of the up with internal jumpers. See Section front panel. Separate controls for talk III for a detailed discussion of all conand listen for each channel enhance the trols and jumpers. 0 I station's versatility.